Pong.  Anywhere.  Anytime.

  • College Budget Plain

    We all remember being on a budget. This will get the job done, but someone else might upstage you with our custom model.  Don't let that happen.  Go P.C.C.C, you will be glad you did.

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  • Parent's Credit Card Custom

    Your parent's made the mistake of giving you his credit card, huh? Better go top of the line. This set comes custom, with your favorite colors. Brown & Gold? Maize & Blue?

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  • April H wrote:

    Just received our set, and played it last night at the bon fire, and it was perfect, set up in seconds and we were undefeated all night! Left it out over night and its nice to not have to deal with old wooden tables anymore. The custom colors were great too, we will be proud to show our school spirit at the tailgate in the fall.

  • Jason S wrote:

    We played at the sandbar in Northern Michigan (up north), stores easily in the boat, and sets up quick and easy.

  • John B wrote:

    This product is reSICKulous, everyone at the tailgate stopped by to play with us, I have never seen a pong table like this.